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How To Get What You Want

How To Get What You Want by Orison Swett Marden. In this 1917 personal development classic, the great success writer and founder of Success Magazine, Orison Swett Marden, shares dynamic truths that have helped thousands of others discover the secrets of supernatural prosperity. 

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You'll discover, in this book, simple and easy steps to unlock the power to manifest and achieve those things you've longed for and need in life. Each chapter reveals an important missing piece in your understanding of what keeps you from living the life you really want, and how to set yourself free to experience the abundance that is out there waiting for you. Start Manifesting Your Desires Now!

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Brenda Dear Fellow Success Seeker,

Thank you for stopping by. If you have a moment, let me share a bit of my story and why I've made this book available for you...

Sometime after my dad passed away, my older brother gave me an original hard cover copy of Orison Swett Marden’s 1917 book: “How To Get What You Want.”

Inside the book was a note that said: "Brenda, Dad gave me this book before he died, read it and some day give it back, or at least keep it in the family, if something happens don't worry. Love, Mark" I started reading it... and thought "this is really good stuff"... (rest of my story below the following chapter excerpts)


Something Touched Him Chapter 1
"How often it happens that people who have long been “down-and-out,” who have been considered “nobodies,” “good-for-nothings,”
"not well balanced," have Changed Suddenly, as though touched by a magic wand, and have quickly become men or women of power, inspirers, and helpers of others!"

"There is in every normal human being a sleeping lion...

It is just a question of arousing it, just a question of something happening that will awaken us, stir the depths of our being, and arouse the sleeping power within us."

"You will find something in people who have embraced it, in people who understand it, which you do not find in others."

- Chapter 1

HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT - chapter #2...

How To Get What You Want Chapter 2"The great trouble with all of us who are struggling with unhappy or unfortunate conditions is, that we have separated ourselves in some way from the great magnetic center of creation. We are not thinking right, and so we are not attracting the right things."

"If you are discouraged by repeated failures and disappointments, suffering the pangs of thwarted ambition; if you are not doing the thing you long to do; if life is not yielding the satisfaction, the success and joy of happy service; if your plans do not prosper; if you are hampered by poverty, there is something wrong -- not with the world, or the Creator's beneficent plans for His children, but with yourself. 

You are not thinking right. You are not visualizing yourself as you long to be."

"Why don't you use your divine power to make yourself what you long to be?"

- Chapter 2

PLAYING THE GLAD GAME - chapter #3...

Playing The Glad Game Chapter 3"The chief cause of our discontent is that hardly any one is satisfied with what he has. The little simple things don't count for anything with us. 

We are always looking for some big thing to make us happy, -- a fortune, some grand opportunity, some indefinite happiness which we are at a loss to describe. And we seem to think that whatever this thing is that is going to make us really happy is always somewhere in the shadowy future."

"It is possible for every one to have that harmonious spirit which finds serenity and true happiness in the life they are living daily."

- Chapter 3

HOW TO CURE IT - chapter #4...

Discouragement a Disease Chapter 4"Discouragement is one of the greatest of human enemies... Everybody suffers more or less from it, is the victim of its poison. It bombards us from within and without."

"Discouragement, however, comes most frequently from within, and causes more poverty and crime than almost any other one thing.

It is an indirect producer of poverty, because it paralyzes ability. A person is in no position to produce anything when his mind is full of doubt and fear. When suffering from discouragement one's whole being is negative, demoralized... No man is level headed when he is discouraged or blue."

"No matter how old you may be, or how depressing your present condition... you can recover your footing."

- Chapter 4

- chapter #5...

The Force That Moves Mountains Chapter 5"It is faith that everywhere does the 'impossible'. It is faith in God and faith in oneself, a divine self-confidence that makes men whose will must be obeyed."

"If it were not for wrong thinking such faith would be the rule in human life instead of the exception, for 'God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind'. Unfortunately most of us measure ourselves by our weakness instead of our strength."

"Faith puts us in touch with infinite power, opens the way to unbounded possibilities, limitless achievement."

- Chapter 5

FAITH AND DRUGS - chapter #6...

Faith and Drugs Chapter 6"Benefits received from physicians and medicines or drugs depend upon faith, the patient's expectancy of relief, his belief that he is going to be cured. Destroy this faith and you kill the virtue of the remedy."

"The diseased cells in any part of the body can only be repaired by the creative energy, the life force in the cells themselves, and this must be stimulated by hope, faith, expectancy of relief."

"Faith is at the bottom of all cures, at the bottom of all achievements, physical or mental." 

"Christ never said my faith, but thy faith hath made thee whole... 

He was always trying to arouse the faith of the people, trying to impress them with the tremendous power of faith, faith in God and in themselves, assuring them that faith, even as a grain of mustard seed, would enable them to do marvels."

- Chapter 6

HOW TO FIND ONESELF - chapter #7...

How To Find Oneself Chapter 7"Most of us die with the great secret, with the sealed message which the Creator put in our hands at birth, still unread, because we have never learned how to open or how to read it.

"What you are capable of being and doing is your greatest life asset.

What you are actually doing my be a dwarfed thing compared with the giant achievement you are capable of.

It is not what you have done, but what you long to do, what you feel capable of doing that will, if you struggle to express your ideal, count most."

- Chapter 7


How To Attract Prosperity Chapter 8"Abundance follows a law as exact as that of the law of mathematics. If we obey it we get the flow. If we pinch it, strangle it, we cut off the supply."

"Successful people, without knowing it, perhaps, are constantly giving themselves prosperity treatments, success treatments, by encouraging themselves, by making their minds positive, so that they will be immune from all negative, discouraging, poverty thought currents.

Holding the success thought, the prosperity ideal, constantly dwelling upon ones' successful future, expecting it, working for it, - these are, whether you know it or not, success, prosperity treatments." 

- Chapter 8

THINKING ALL OVER - chapter #9...

Thinking All Over Chapter 9"One reason why our mental attitudes, our hopes, our fears, our joys, our sorrows, have such a tremendous influence upon our bodies, our lives, is because, as Edison says, every cell in us thinks. 

And since we know this is true, we know that every thought, every impression made on the mind, every mental attitude, affects all of the cells of the body, affects the whole organism."

"If we would triumph over all our limitations, we must impress the triumphant thought on every cell. We must radiate through the body not only thoughts of health and strength, but also of courage, hope, confidence, expectation of better conditions."

- Chapter 9

- chapter #10...

Heart To Heart Talks Chapter 10"'My Words are spirit and they are truth; and they shall not return to me void; but shall accomplish that whereunto they were sent.' How many of us grasp the real significance of this Biblical utterance?"

"Every word we speak is an indestructible force, because it affirms a thought, a sentiment, an emotion, a motive, which never ceases to exert its power.

Jesus evidently recognized that words are real forces, for He said, 'Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my word shall not pass away.'"

"Material things might pass away, but His word was a force which could never cease to exercise its power."

"There is a mysterious power in the spoken word, in the vigorous affirmation of a thought, which registers a profound impression on the subconscious mind, and the silent forces within us proceed to make the word flesh, to make the thing we affirm a reality."

- Chapter 10


Our Partnership With God Chapter 11"A human being's power depends very largely upon his God-consciousness, upon his conscious partnership with his Creator. The closer the relation, the closer the man's God-consciousness, the consciousness of his oneness with the One, the more power he can express, because he draws upon the limitless resources of his Infinite Partner."

"When you take God into partnership, when you are conscious that you are doing His work, you have a feeling of peace and security. You walk as one who sees a great light because you feel that you have a great Partner, One with whom you cannot lose your way.

You do not fear failure because you know that your divine Partner is the very Source of all supply, and you feel safe, reassured. You know that nothing can prevent your success as long as you and your Partner are in harmony."

- Chapter 11

As I started reading this book, I found it interesting that what this great success writer wrote almost a century ago, is still life transforming wisdom for today. And on top of that it is related to the things I'm learning from the Bible.

I didn't finish reading the book at first. Don't ask me why - because I'm not sure why... but it got put on the bookshelf to be finished later. Then, around the same time I started the Growing Prosperity website, I happened to glance at it on my bookshelf one day...

"When I Started Reading this Book, I Felt Like I Just Discovered a SECRET TREASURE!"

I so appreciate the wisdom of truth that never fades... and this book is like a little gold mine to me. When I started reading it again, I felt like I just discovered a secret treasure

And truth be told, it is also sort of a security blanket and connection to my Dad. There is something about reading this book, written so long ago, that my dad also read … and then trying to remember and connect the dots to some of the things he had tried to help  me understand. 

I realize looking back that he was trying to show me how to get ahead in life and be successful. Reading this book now is like being able to learn the things he’s not here to teach me.

(As I write this, I just realized the comparison with our heavenly Father, who left us His Word. The ultimate success book, The Bible, that helps us connect with Him and teaches us how to prosper in life!)

How To Get What You Want book pictures
pictures of the actual book my brother passed on to me from our dad

As a little side note: This book definitely has that ‘old book’ smell. Two of my favorite books are this one and my Grandma Smith’s Bible. And they both just happen to have that old musty smell, which used to bother me. Funny thing is, now I've actually grown to like the smell … weird - I know!

Well sorry to disappoint you, but the old musty smell doese Not come with the digital version you’ll be getting. Grin. What you do get is the message. And the message is in there LOUD and CLEAR - just waiting to shed some light on your journey to success in life!

Discover How to Manifest Your Life Dreams...
From the INSIDE Out!

Have you ever shaken your head in disgust, thinking what am I doing with my life?  Well you are not alone!

The good news is that, it doesn't matter how old you are, or what your current situation in life is... You can Wake Up and Learn How to Get What You Want.

I am in the process of waking up and doing that very thing in my life right now. And this book is a powerful influence in helping me reach my goals. I get more 'nuggets of wisdom' to help propel me forward each time I read it! 

If you feel like you're heading in the wrong direction in life... Or if you have no idea how to create a life with meaning and purpose - one that benefits others as it benefits you - then I guarantee the teaching from Orison Swett Marden in his book "How To Get What You Want" is just what you are looking for! 

It is definitely a SUCCESS CLASSIC that will remain a helpful REFERENCE to you for years to come... 

I've tried to make access to this book quick, easy, and at the same time enjoyable for you to read. I've also created a Bonus Sheet and pulled out some of the most Powerful Suggested Affirmations from the book. Print this out as a handy reference to get started. You'll have NO excuse not to start putting them to work in your life!

*Orison Swett Marden (1850 -1924) is known as one of the great success writers of America associated with the New Thought Movement. He was born in Thorton, NH. His mother died when he was only three years old and his father passed away four years later when Marden was only seven. 

Marden perservered in advancing himself in life, despite his humble and challenging beginnings, and held a degree in medicine, studied at a theological seminary, and was a successful hotel owner. In 1924 he died at the age of 74.

Marden's first book was published in 1894 and followed by many more volumes on the subject of success. He also founded "Success Magazine" in 1897 among other accomplishments. Marden believed that our thoughts influence our lives and our life circumstances. (*References from

"Think Powerful, Live Powerful!"

Quote from chapter 2: "'Think the things you want.' The profoundest philosophy is locked up in these few words.

Think of them clearly, persistently, concentrating upon them with all the force and might of your mind, and struggle toward them with all your energy.

This is the way to make yourself a magnet for the things you want."

"Now YOU Can Awaken the Powers Within & Experience Explosive Personal Growth
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by Applying the Proven Life-Changing Principles in this Classic SUCCESS book
"How To Get What You Want"!

How To Get What You Want

"How To Get What You Want"
11 Life-Changing Chapters

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"How To Get What You Want"
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My life changed after reading this book, and is getting better every day...  And you are now just moments away from discovering the same life-transforming principles to Achieve Your Prosperous and Abundant Success.  

Be blessed to be a blessing!

To Your Success & Growing Prosperity -

God bless you,
Brenda Smith

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